Hey there brew-tiful!

Thanks for visiting my API

It serves a variety of coffee and tea data

Available Endpoints:

GET: /brews.

Returns an array of objects containing tea and coffee information

GET: /brews/:id

(Where id is the id of an object in the array) Returns a single brew that matches the provided ID. If no objects match the given ID, a 404 status code and error message will be returned.

POST: /brews

Returns a 201 status code. If there is an issue with creating the brew, a 400 level status code will be returned with a description of the issue.

I'm currently implementing authorization for POST requests. Please feel free to contact me at reganloseydev@gmail.com with a description of your desired usage and I'll happily send you an API key :)

There is currently no database in place. I'm working on it, but I'm a frontend dev and still learning about all this cool backend stuff :)
cup of coffee with sunglasses doing a kickflip